Schedule (Calendar)
SAVE THE DATE! September 20, 2008, is the Conquer Chiari Walk across America. Phoenix is proud to be the sponsor locally and the local support group, with Debbie Juengel is the local site organizer. Please contact Debbie at for details or registration.

You can also register at website, and further details are available there.

Phoenix-the registration for the walk starts at 6:00AM and the walk starts 7:00AM through the botanical gardens. It is going to be a great day for recognition and awareness.
We are looking forward to the PSA's that are to be done locally for the walk as well.

There will be an after party for walkers with The Jay Soto Band playing music for us, with raffle items.

Bracelets will be available for purchase, with the words "conquer syringo/conquer chiari on them. 

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